History - this is how it started...

One of us is a lover and leader of education, the author of all educational changes in our educational establishments, the other a financier, the implementer of the concept - "from the project to the opening of the establishment". We joined together in the diversity of our competencies, resulting in wonderful educational places.

Our joint history began in 2009, when our first charges appeared in a picturesque nursery in Gdansk. Excitement, enthusiasm and great responsibility began that day and are still with us today.
A few years later, in 2013, our next three non-public nursery schools were established: Thumbelina in Gdansk, Thumbelina in Nowy Dwor Gdanski and Little Einstein in the Science and Technology Park in Gdynia. Two years later, another Little Einstein at 3c Łużycka Street in Gdynia. All of those educational institutions developed wonderfully and enjoyed increasing parental trust. Observation of children, careful analysis of learning processes and cooperation with increasingly experienced, empathetic
and committed teachers and tutors led us to ask ourselves deeper and deeper questions about children's education. What if, in education, we could see the power and possibilities of children's intellect? How can the same textbook or exercise book respond to the needs of sixteen different people, when each person is different, learns differently, needs different stimuli, time, perspective? How important are good relationships, and why is the belief confirmed that children learn from people they like? Why aren't we taking valuable cues from neuroscientists, people who speak with understanding and passion about their educational experiences?

Our years-long search eventually led us to the IB (International Baccalaureate). This educational organization, created in Geneva in 1968, is now highly respected and has a worldwide reach. For us, it was the answer to all our educational needs. We established cooperation with an experienced coordinator - Marta, who step by step unveiled to us the charms of the program. Marta began to work with our staff, provided support, a treasure trove of knowledge and assistance in designing a new educational reality. In 2021, another kindergarten was established at Kazimierza Górskiego Street in Gdynia and a year later, in the same place, an elementary school. Moments later, in order to unify our offer and to start the official candidacy period (June 11, 2023), a school and kindergarten complex (comprising the school and our three kindergartens in Gdynia) was created, henceforth called the Einstein International School Campus.

With great commitment and passion, we continue to write our history.
Magdalena Rutkowska i Magdalena Stępniewska