School year 2024/2025 we are in the process of recruitment to class zero and first and second grade of Primary School.

We accept enrolments in the Primary School and preschool throughout the year as long as there are vacancies available.

Recruitment process:


Contact us directly via phone or e-mail or by contact form available on our web page (Contact us tab)


Meet us in our school, where we can present you with our educational offer and tell you about our aims. We will show you the school and answer all your questions.


Provide us with all the necessary documents. Fill in the application form.


We will sign the contract.


You will get an opportunity to take part in a three-day trial period during which your child will have a chance to meet their peers and teachers.


You will meet our psychologist for a chat.

We follow the order of the applications that we receive when processing them. Graduates of Little Einstein Nursery and Thumbelina Nursery as well as their siblings will get priority in recruitment.

In case of the lack of availability in a particular class, it is possible to be put on a standby list.